About Visual Metals

Thanks for visiting our web site store and gallery. I hope you have found it interesting, uncommon and that you have found something that fits your unique need. My affection for the qualities of natural materials and the wonderful textures they provide come from many years in the construction trade, but more importantly from the decade long process of transforming an old church into our home. In 2005 my wife Gayle and I purchased a 100 year old Presbyterian church in the little community of Mukilteo, WA.


Everything you see here is an extension of many of the effects we have designed and fabricated for our home. I often tell people that “I think in metal”. Of course what I mean is that I see things for what they could be in the medium of steel, copper and stainless. Even though most folks consider me a metal man I also have a strong affinity for the beauty and feel of wood because of the balance it can add to many of our designs.


Contact Information

         Brent Yeadon - Owner  Phone: 425 530 1099                        Email: brent@visualmetals.com